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Acorns to Oaks: Walk

Wed 18 May, 6pm, meet Huntly Square

A walk from the Brander to the Bin in search of oaks

Become urban detectives on an evening walk with artist Anne Murray. We’ll look for, identify and learn about the oak trees on the route between the Square and the White Wood. Using a mixture of high and low tech we’ll observe, measure and record the Oak trees. This information will be used to create a route map between Huntly Square and the White Wood in the next session.

The White Wood was planted by and for the community of Huntly in 2015, from Caroline Wendling's Oaks & Amity project. It is a living monument to peace and will have an official launch day on 28 May: The White Wood Gala.

Wear suitable clothing for changeable weather. There is a muddy climb up Cleanbrae with uneven ground in the Bin forest. The walk is suitable for all ages, children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Meet at the Brander Library doors at 6pm

Next Session: Community mapping Huntly and its oak trail, on Saturday 21 May at 10.30am in the Brander Building.


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