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What's happening right now at Deveron Projects? What's happening right now at Deveron Projects?

Caravanserai Night

Fri 30 Sept, 7pm - 10pm, Stewart's Hall, Huntly

An evening of north African food, dancing and music.

A caravanserai is a traditional roadside inn where travelers, and their camels, could rest and recover from the day's journey. They supported the flow of commerce, information and people across the network of trade routes covering Asia and North Africa into Europe. These inns brought traders together, creating a platform for cultural and economic exchange.

Over the past few months Omar Afif has been fostering through his Caravanserai project a culture of exchange inspired by tthese inns, bringing people together through ‘pop-ups’ and other activities — with or without a camel. Through this Omar has revealed the value of sharing culture and practical skills that have been handed down over generations. 

To launch his new business,Omar held an evening event, showcasing his cooking, music and craft skills. The night was a success, with over 80 people attending to experience wonderful North African food and a fusion of Scottish and Moroccan music.


Menu included:

Lentil and pumpkin tajine

Moroccan Zaalouk with roasted aubergine, peppers and tomatoes

Omar's meatballs and preserved lemon tajine

North African desert



Early Bird £15 / Standard £20
Book Here or email to ask about group discounts

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