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In Our Hands: Seeding Change

Thurs 1 Nov, 7pm, 8 Castle St.

A film screening

''​Marvellous to see a rebirth of serious discussion about the future of UK land use. It’s time we put our own house in order.​” Tim Lang - ​Professor of Food Policy at City University London's ​Centre for Food Policy

In Our Hands was made throughout the tumultuous year of the Brexit referendum as a collaboration between the small scale farmers’ union the Landworkers’ Alliance, and Black Bark films. It has been made to bring people together to think about their food and to bust the myth of the industrial farming system. The inspiring story behind the blood, sweat and tears of the British farmers seizing the Brexit moment to outgrow the industrial food system. Check out the trailer here and read more about the film here.

Join us for the screening and a short discussion / Free to attend.

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