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How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Pilgrim's Welcome Home

Thur 8 October, 7pm, Huntly Square

Anthony Schrag returns to Huntly

Lure of the Lost: a Contemporary Pilgrimage involves artist, Anthony Schrag, walk from Huntly to the Venice Biennale. This will take a total of three and a half months and sees Anthony walk routes such as the Pennine Way and Via Francigena traditional pilgrimage, over the alps and into Italy for 1 October.

On his arrival back to Huntly, Deveron Arts is hosting an artist talk. Anthony will speak about the Lure of the Lost project, at Christ Church in Huntly.

7pm Pilgrim Parade: Walk round Huntly Square with Anthony on his return to Huntly after three and a half months of walking

7.15pm Welcome Home Talk: Anthony will be joined by Reverend Sarah Murray in Christ Church on Provost Street, to discuss his pilrimage 

All are welcome to attend! Booking essential.

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