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How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Practical Kitchen Gardening

Sat 15 Mar, 10 am, The Brander Building

Across the Seasons: Year-round Growing in NE Scotland by Dr Yvonne Turner

Growing kitchen produce all-year-round can sometimes seem challenging in the NE of Scotland. The short seasons, sometimes windy conditions, winter storms and snow might encourage home growers to think of their veg patch as a spring- to autumn-time only resource. With careful planning and preparation, however, it is not only possible to produce great fruit and veg throughout the year but to extend the range and choice of produce to provide variety and interest, too. A growing national focus on seasonality and seasonal eating emphasises both the economy and the joy of stretching our imagination and skills to get the best from our kitchen gardens.
This workshop will draw on practical approaches to growing vegetables and fruit that we have
established at Glenview Fresh Local Produce, a small market garden based in New Byth near Turriff. In the past seven years we have done what we can to produce a range of fresh veg to support a small box scheme and to bring to the monthly Farmers’ market at Huntly. Though our focus now is more commercial, the techniques we use are learned from a life-time of home veg growing and could be usefully applied to any size of kitchen garden.

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