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The Town Is The Venue
How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Room to Reinvent

Sat 1 April, 9am - 2pm

The People's Cafe at the Huntly Hotel

Artists Jacques Coetzer has spent the last two months asking local residents, business owners, organisations and other individuals, how could we improve Huntly and make it a better place to live. As part of the project Jacques opened up a pop up cafe in town called The Peoples Cafe, where over a cup of East African coffee local people could share their ideas for town regeneration. 

This Saturday as part of the Farmers' Market, The People's Cafe will be moving to the Huntly Hotel - which has been closed for over two years. Jacques is inviting people to join him in the cafe as he shares his research and ideas for the future of Huntly. 

One Seed Forward, Two Seeds back will also be sharing the The Peoples cafe, offering free seed potatoes to kick start our Town is the Garden project. 

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