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How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Season of Weeds: Spring

Sat 24 Mar, 10am - 2pm, No.11 Gordon Street

A workshop, walk and meal celebrating weeds

“How and why and where we classify plants as undesirable is part of the story of our ceaseless attempts to draw boundaries between nature and culture, wilderness and domestication. And how intelligently and generously we draw those lines determines the character of most the green surfaces of the planet”  Richard Mabey

The first in a series exploring weeds, their story, uses and properties. 

A weed is a plant where we don’t want it. As such they are only weeds from a human point of view. Weeds represent our failure to master nature, and highlight our inability and impossibility (?) to fully control our own environment. Their existence and their unwanted status, however, bear essential lessons for us to learn. In ecological terms, weeds play critical roles in the overall biodiversity of an area. They often act as pioneer species, reclaiming damaged land. Through extracting valuable minerals and actively contribute to the fertility of the soil. They thrive in conditions that many cultivated plants simply cannot. Last but not least, many weeds have healing properties, and not just for the land: they are edible, and contain nutrients important for our own diets.

This series supports a better understanding and challenges our perception of weeds: to investigate their ecological importance and how we might learn from their stories. How might a better understanding of weeds benefit our community, and create a weedy sociality?


10am - 2pm Seed swap / pick up. Drop by throughout the day to collect seeds or swap your own. We will have a selection of seed available for free, including seed potatoes from One Seed Forward

10am - Wildflower (the polite name for weeds) seed-bomb workshop.

11am - Walk-shop exploring the local ecology with Eleanor Brown (forager) and John Malster (local biodiversity specialist). We will learn about springtime foraging, what plants to look for and how they can be used. As well as learning about the biodiversity of the area, key species and indicators.

12.30pm - A weedy lunch inspired by the plants discovered on the walk and that grow in the area.

Booking Essential / / 01466 794494

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