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What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

Seed Saver's Cafe

Sat 30 Sept, 10am - 3pm, The Brander Building

Saving the seeds for next year

Are you interested in seed saving, seed swapping or about starting a local sustainability group? Then this is for you! We'd like to start a conversation about 'sowing the seeds' for next year. Seed saving can be a form of community activism! Here is the programme: 

10am, Cafe Opens: We will be serving a small menu of seasonal and unusual breakfast treats. 

 10.30am, Seed saving discussion: Join us to discuss how you can start seed saving yourself. Ask local seed savers your questions. Bring your leftover summer seed to swap! We will also have some seeds for winter crops for sowing now too. Sign up to our seed circle. 

12.00pm, Talk on setting up a new garden: With Joshua Msika. 

1.30pm, Lunch: Followed by an informal discussion on 'sowing the seeds' for next year. Could a larger seed swap event be organised? Is there interest within the community to start a local sustainability group? 

Community Orchard Tarte Tatin
Pulp Muffins with crabapple and elderberry jelly
Coffee ground biscotti
Leek and Heritage Tattie Soup

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