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Storylines: a workshop about land and folk

Sat 20 July, 10am - 2 pm, Yurt Café, Bin Forest

With Christine Borland

Line - from the Latin linea, linen thread.

A workshop uncovering the lines of where humans have influenced and been influenced by the land around Huntly over time.

Join us for a day of exploring our connections to the local landscape through past agricultural uses. Starting with Huntly’s linen industry, we’ll hear about its history, and creatively visualise how through its processes we (via our ancestors) are physically entwined with that of the flax plant. Part of artist Christine Borland’s ongoing project Flax.

We’ll also hear and discuss shared stories that touch on the intimate relationship between folk and the land, through traditions and recollections in agriculture, crofting, smallholding and eating seasonally.


Provisional Programme

09:45 Meet up at Bin Forest Car Park

10:00 Pickup with intro from Christine Borland on bus

10:15 Talk: Maureen Shaw 'In good heart and fine tilth’

11:00 Conversation between Maureen Shaw, Christine Borland, Raonaid Mackrory and Ron Brander 

11:30 Gestures Incorporated workshop: Echoes of flax growing and processing through imaginative exploration of movements

12:45 Lunch with discussion of personal memories of land uses around Huntly (optional exploration of Old Cumrie Steading flax echoes)

14:00 Pickup from Yurt


Booking essential to

Minibus from Bin Forest car park to/from the Yurt Café; lunch provided.

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