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Where is Deveron Projects? Where is Deveron Projects?

The Huntly Hairst 2018

Sat 1 & Sun 2 Sept, Huntly Town Square

The harvest festival

The Huntly Hairst is a special harvest festival which celebrates local food and traditions in Aberdeenshire. Taking the form of an extended farmers' market with over 50 stalls showcasing the best of local produce, as well as a week long programme of other events including farm tours, talks and walks. It is run by local volunteers dedicated to promoting the produce and producers of the local area. Check out the full programme here.

As part of this year's Hairst we have organised a programme of events that respond to this period of harvest and celebration. 

Town is the Garden Stall
Sat 9am - 4pm, The Square
We are going to be screen printing. Come along to find out more!

​DIY Culture: A fermentation workshop
Sat 11am - 13pm, 8 Castle Street
Eleanor Brown will lead a workshop on the basics of fermentation, a process of transformation where a substance is broken down by microorganisms such as yeast. A process that we have been harnessing to preserve and enhance food since ancient times. It is also a process critical to our own survival, these same microbial cultures are found in our own bodies helping us to digest the food we eat — we are in a symbiotic relationship with them. Eleanor will teach us how to make sauerkraut (to take away) as well as letting us try a few of her other favourite ferments. Booking is essential

Beyond Local: Alternative Food Economies
Sat 2 - 4pm, Town is the Garden stall, The Square
A discussion on the turn towards hyper-local food economies and current trends in growing your own food. For example what are the implications of government funds such as Climate Challenge Fund shifting the responsibility of food sustainability onto the local communities rather than investing in sustainable measures on national and international levels? Joining us for the discussion will be anthropologist Cristina Grasseni (University of Lieden), Emma Stewart (Nourish Food Leadership programme) and David Foubister (local grower with experience of exchange economies).

Hairst Potlatch Supper 
Sat 6 - 8pm, Pensioners' Hall, Church street, Huntly
From local to global and back again: our multicultural dinner event explores the intricate global web of food production, trade, and how our actions inform not only the evolution of our home food culture but that of distant ethnographies.

Our supper takes its title from the Pacific Northwest Native American tradition of the Potlatch*, which often looks beyond the hosts’ immediate community, bringing together representatives of neighbouring tribes to share wealth, food and discussion, maintaining stability and equilibrium in an uncertain world.

As part of Huntly Hairst, Deveron Projects have invited representatives from across the spectrum of global farming, growing, food production and food culture to talk about the politics of food. What effects do our food fashions have on the growers and economies supplying our couscous, coffee, or beef? How does this relate to our local agriculture and the price of fish? Food miles, availability/sustainability, and seasonal limitations: what informs your choices as a chef or home cook?

£5 per person, booking essential.

Seed Saving Walk
Sun 11am - 1pm, meet at 8 Castle St.
Hundreds of thousands of plant varieties are in danger of disappearing from our lands. Habitat loss, commercial agricultural mono-cropping, extreme weather events and a lack of public awareness threaten future plant biodiversity.
Seed saving and seed banks are forms of citizen activism that directly help plant and agricultural biodiversity.  
Join us for a walk to learn about saving wildflower and vegetable seeds with John Malster.


*As well as informing the term Potluck, for a communal dinner where guests bring a dish to share, the noun Potlatch can be read as ‘a gift’, originating from the Nuu-chah-nulth native language of the Pacific Northwest. At Potlatch gatherings, gift-giving was central to the ceremonies. We hope that the discussion facilitated through our supper provides guests with a new perspective on our food culture and eating habits, and a sense of being connected to something much larger.

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