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Deveron Projects

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Where is Deveron Projects? Where is Deveron Projects?

Walk into sound: Nature recordings & music composition

Sat 1 Mar, 1-4pm, £5, Brander Building, age 14+

Workshop with Simone Kenyon and Composer Ross Whyte

A workshop with artist-in-residence Simone Kenyon and Composer Ross Whyte, into recording the sounds of landscapes, composing and editing.

The workshop will include an introduction to using field recorders and soundscape composition using state-of-the-art audio editing software.  Participants will learn how to create their own soundscape and upload it onto Soundcloud.

Ross Whyte is a composer based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

He recently completed his  PhD at the University of Aberdeen where his field of research was concerned with audio-visual intermedia and headphone-specific composition.

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