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White Wood Gala

Sat 28 May, Bin Forest, Huntly

A day celebrating the White Wood

The White Wood was planted by and for the community of Huntly in 2015, from Caroline Wendling's Oaks & Amity project. It is a living monument to peace and will officially launch on 28 May at the White Wood Gala and opening ceremony.

10am: Parade from Huntly Square to White Wood, Bin Forest, for 11am
11am - 5pm: White Wood Gala and Opening Ceremony

A festival of music, food, walks, talks and activities, the White Wood Gala will start with a parade from Huntly Square, up to the White Wood, where Alex Salmond will perform the opening ceremony. You can either join us for the parade or meet us in the White Wood from 11am - 5pm. There will be a shuttle bus running between the Square and the Bin every hour, or the Bin carpark is a short 15 minutes walk from the site.

The gala will have a full and fun programme for people of all ages, from all places, focusing on art, peace and ecology.

Activities and stalls include: telling of The White Wood Story, bushcraft temporary shelters, fire safety in the woods, Peace Library, Networks of Wellbeing Bike Shack, spinning, storytelling, performance art, Peace Flags, singing, poetry from Huntly Writers, hobby horses, local groups such as Aberdeenshire Salutes and Handmade in Huntly, food from Recovery Cafe and Rhynie Woman, and musical performances from various singing groups and bands. 

Walks from: Satish Kumar, long term peace and environmental activist; Caroline Wendling, White Wood artist; Georges Thierry Handja, Rainforest Foundation UK; Prof. Dee Heddon, University of Glasgow; Steve Brown, White Wood forester; and Nick May, Geological interest of the Wood.

The White Wood Gala is free and open to all. We will provide seating, shelter, toilets, transportation and refreshments all day to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible: we hope to see you there! 
If you would like some more information please contact: or 01466 794494.

Travel and Accommodation Information

How to find the White Wood

White Wood Map

White Wood Forum 27 May


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