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The White Wood Story

Sat 23 January, 10.30am, Meet: Huntly War Memorial

A journey, a story... a living memorial for peace

Stories live: they move through generations like the blood in our veins, and must be told, told and told again to be carried forward to future generations. Come and be part of the story of the White Wood with us!

Join us on Saturday 23 January for the first telling of The White Wood Story. Meet at Huntly War Memorial where we will walk together up to the White Wood (40 min walk) with Storyteller in residence Ben Macfadyen and Morrocan musician Omar Afif.

Ben is here to develop the story of the White Wood, a peace wood planted by the community in March 2015. The oaks planted in the White Wood will take 300 years to grow, Ben's story will mirror this timeline, a story to still be told in 300 years.
Ben and Omar will perform the newly crafted tale of the White Wood amongst the young oak trees, followed by refreshments. We are also inviting you to bring along objects you associate with peace to be planted in the wood in May 2016. See below.

Peace Objects

"What does peace mean to you?"

During WWI, many Scottish soldiers sent letters, embroidery and remnants of the trenches in small tins back to their loved ones.
If you were to send an object to the future that tells a story of peace, what would it be?

Ben Macfadyen invites you to share memories of peace from your own life by donating an object along with the story behind it: a scrap of cloth from when you were cared for in hospital, a ticket from a border crossing, a piece of shrapnel from a family member's time in war...

Come along to the White Wood on the 23rd event with your objects of peace. The object needs to be small and non-perishable.
In May the box will then be 'planted' in the White Wood, where it will stay for 300 years until the oaks are fully grown.

(Bring suitable footwear, waterproofs, a donation for refreshments and, if you can, a peace object to offer to the wood (see below)

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