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The Town Is The Venue
Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

Queer Garden of Abundant Possibilities

Sat 15 Jun, 10am - 2pm, 8 Castle St. Huntly

with Joe Crowdy and Eleanor Brown

In this workshop with Joe Crowdy and Eleanor Brown we will explore how plants, focusing on weeds, have rich and varied ways of expressing their gender identity and sexuality. We will look, smell and touch the abundant nutritional value of plants we tend to overlook and of course taste them in the delicious preserves, cordials and breads made by Eleanor.      

With Joe Crowdy, we’ll be exploring the more-than-binary in the more-than-human. The garden is a space that prescribes and limits pleasure, manipulating the sex lives of plants and choreographing the sensual enjoyment of human visitors. But beneath its neatly clipped branches the garden also contains transgressive potential. With the slightest drop in gardening attention, waiting weeds spring forth in rude vigour, ready to install their own sexual regimes. Dark corners and tangled passageways have long provided secluded ground for queer, human, desire to bloom. And even in the everyday practice of caring for those plants the gardener desires or loves – devoting time and attention to learning their tastes and habits  – less prescriptive patterns of intimate attachment can accumulate and grow. Whilst gardening gathers together the plants the gardener desires, in this workshop we will explore how plants gather our desires. We’ll talk about the role plants have played in fostering human sensuality and intimacy, and consider what practices of tending towards or tending for plants can teach us about how we pay attention to our surroundings and to one another.

With Eleanor Brown, we'll be learning about the nutritional value of what are considered weeds. Many plants that are now considered weeds, that grow in gardens and edges of properties in towns, have enormous health benefits and other useful properties. Eleanor believes that the plants that benefit us the most tend to follow us wherever we go and we should honour that relationship as well as venturing out to meet the more elusive species. She encourages us to invite diversity into our gardens and our own internal flora.

10am - talk/workshop with Joe Crowdy
12noon - walk, talk and tasting with Eleanor Brown

This workshop grows out of a project that TiTG is working on with the LGBTQ+ & Allies at the Gordon Schools exploring queer ecologies through the crafting of a garden..

Image credit: Yvonne Billimore

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