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How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Garry Williams

Music for Street Fights


And I hurled myself against that fucker who before was my friend, who again is my friend.
Wayne Miller
Addressing the problem of Friday night street violence

Garry Williams came to Huntly in the spring of 2008.

For many communities up and down the country the weekend brings a regular spectacle of late night binge-drinking and of alcohol-fuelled violence. Aggressive and intoxicated, many revellers bring this anti-social behaviour on to our towns’ streets and into our public spaces. But is there an answer to this problem? It is a prickly and complex issue, with a great deal of political and social implications. What is a suitable community response, and is policing an effective reaction to this recurring issue? Can there be an alternative method to address these street fights?



Garry’s response was to undermine the brutality of street fighting by transforming it, much in the same way as music is used in cinema, into a form of choreography. Armed only with loudspeakers and an Ennio Morricone soundtrack mounted in a police look-a-like van, Garry patrolled the streets of Huntly during the small hours of the weekend. The raised voices and fists were deflated by the cinematic score which rang out from his Music for Street Fights response vehicle. In preparation for the weekends Gary distributed business cards and posters in pubs with a hotline number for people to call in the event of a fight occuring. With a dose of deadpan humour Garry disassociated the violence, not just from the local community, but from real life altogether. Through his work he shows these ‘scenes’ of violence as images, reflecting the way in which his performers view their own actions, as their sensible ‘week-day’ personalities take a back seat to a primitive simulation. What Music for Street Fights did was to knock the wind out of late-night violence with greater accuracy than that of a punch, simply by bringing it into the spotlight for a critical, sober audience.

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