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Julia Douglas



A look at Huntly's historic and contemporary connection to textiles

Julia Douglas, originally from Edinburgh, is a textile artist interested in domesticity. She was artist in residence with Deveron Projects during 1999.

Huntly has a strong tradition connected with the knitting industry. After many decades of bringing prosperity to the town, this industry was closed down and ceased to exist in the early 1990s. What is the current relationship with textile craft in Huntly, and is it still a site of industrious labour? What do the people that worked in the former knitting mills do now?


Threadbare was a site-specific project that responded to Huntly's relationship with its former textile mill through an exhibition of objects and artefacts in the Brander Museum. During her residency Julia worked with many different people who were laid off almost a decade earlier, investigating what they do now. A community tapestry was produced which featured all the different jobs people inhabit now. A second project brought together a number of women who strung up an interconnected set of aprons. Together they reflected the formerly common feature when at lunch the factory bell rang and all the women in their aprons came out onto the streets for their lunch.

Julia works with all kind of materials that relate to objects normally attributed to homework and house wives: dish cloths, scrubbers, pegs etc. Her works detail human relationships with domestic and creative objects, and how the tasks these were made to perform come to define individuals. During her time she also produced a set of angels made out of scrubbers for the local Christmas tree and a set of PRAYER GLOVES made out of poppers which reflected the theatrical costumes of a George MacDonald costume in the local museum.


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