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How can I meet the Deveron Projects team? How can I meet the Deveron Projects team?
Pathport-Claudia and Nick
Pathport Beach walking
Pathport - British Postbox
Pathport - Dutch Postbox
Pathport - German Postbox
Pathport - Overlooking Huntly
Pathport - Feet
Pathport - Industrial Walk
Pathport - Walking next to River

Claudia Zeiske



Room to roam, but only one home, for all the word to win.
George MacDonald
A secular pilgrimage into the meaning of home

In Summer 2017, Deveron Projects’ Founder/Director Claudia Zeiske will be the artist in residence. During her 3 months sabbatical she will undertake a pilgrimage from her home in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, to her mother’s house in Unterpfaffenhofen near Munich. The from home-to-home walk will be considering personal and political ideas of ‘Home’ in a post-Brexit Europe.

Like many folk, Claudia’s love affair with Europe began with an Interrail ticket. Leaving Munich via Paris to the Tipperary town of Cashel with its infamous rock, and then back again via Wales, England, Belgium to her parents’ home in Unterpfaffenhofen. The year after saw Claudia trailing to Crete through the many then Yugoslavian countries in the Balkans. A continent totalling 50 countries with about 225 languages, countless dishes, songs, sites and stories; Claudia has always felt blessed with her European passport and all the privileges that it brings.

In June 2016, by a narrow margin, the British public decided to leave the European Union. Questions of nationality, belonging and roots, which seemed to have obliqued over the last two generations, have suddenly become apparent and also very personal again. Claudia’s project Pathport looks at the idea of what Home is, was and will be for her and others with the wrong or right passport in our and other countries.


Pathport is a secular pilgrimage which focuses on the social, cultural and political side of these events.To address this search, Claudia will walk from her current home in Huntly to her ancestral home (her mother’s house in Unterpfaffenhofen/Germering) through her spiritual home (Europe). Passing through Scotland, England, Holland and Germany, she will be setting out as a wayfarer and wandering scholar.

Like an old-fashioned adventure the aim is to slow down and linger in a world where we pass so much, so fast. The contemplative nature of prolonged walking and slow speed of the lands passing will allow Claudia to discover what remains of freedom, hospitality, friendship, wildness, the unknown, and the deeper currents of myth and story that still flow beneath Europe as a home for us all.

Claudia is writing a postcard a day to her mother. Although it started as a way of letting her mother knowing her progress it has become a method of documenting her journey and sharing her stories to Unterpfaffenhofen.

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