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The Town Is The Venue
What have walking and food got to do with art? What have walking and food got to do with art?

Paul Anderson

Strathbogie Collection

2003 – 2004

As well as the familiar landmarks such as the castle I wanted to celebrate some of the well known local characters,
shops and lesser known features of the town.
Paul Anderson
A collection of tunes on vernacular Huntly life by Paul Anderson its 'Toon Fiddler'

Deveron Projects' first ever musician in residence was the internationally acclaimed Paul Anderson, who joined us during the winter of 2003/04 as 'Toon Fiddler'. During his residency Paul produced the 'Strathbogie Collection' - A collection of tunes on vernacular Huntly life by our first 'Toon Fiddler' accompanied by pianist Andy Thorburn. In 2013 Paul returned to work on a new composition production. With his project 'Symphony Way' Paul Anderson proposes to compose a symphony for and inspired by the Hielan Way circuit.

Strathbogie is the former title of Huntly, and refers to the nearby river Bogie. The area is home to a wealth of tradition, culture, arts, heritage, social activity and significant historic individuals. How does one present a contemporary reflection of this wealth of activity in the rural heart of Scotland, yet still retain the distinctive traditional voice of Strathbogie? Paul's exceptional style of fiddling would prove essential to this task, and his talent for composition was a sensitive match for engaging with the people and places of Huntly.


Paul's prolific activity during his residency was testament to his unique talent for skilled fiddling and community engagement, fueled by a remarkable sensitivity to the music he loves. Thirty-two original tunes were penned during this period, eleven of which are contained on a new CD, 'The Strathbogie Collection' Inspired by local landmarks, such as Huntly Castle, and legends of ghost pipers, as well as contemporary additions to the town (a new reel immortalises the Huntly Football Club) Paul paints a musical picture of Strathbogie today, and the life and love contained therein.

On the CD Paul is accompanied by pianist Andy Thorburn, while during his many performances as Toon Fiddler, he worked with comedian/pianist George Donald (well-known from his time with Scotland the What), local youngsters from the Strathbogie Fiddlers, the Jessiman Dance School and also anyone who wished to join him while he played each Tuesday lunchtime at the Crown Bar. His residency culminated in a performance at the Stewart's Hall. Since working with Deveron Projects, Paul has continued to work as a world-renowned fiddler, known for his ability to perform in a style true to his instrument and its traditions, rather than offering gimmicks and cheap visions of Scotland. He has recently been collaborating with his wife, Scottish singer, Shona Donaldson.


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A CD with the various soundtracks produced in Huntly is available from our Shop.