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Deveron Projects

The Town Is The Venue
What do we do? What do we do?
Red Herring Cows at Tesco
Gayle Chong Kwan - Blind taste testing
Catriona McKay - Skimmerin performance in the wood
Roman Signer - Presents his work
TITV Diagram
Act local
John Muir Day Discussion at the Empty Shop
BBQ and Folk music session during the open house event
Garry Williams - Talking with the police
Minor Paths - Discussion
Eva Merz - Eva on the Roof 1

The Town Is The Venue

The town is the venue describes the framework in which we work and contribute to the social wellbeing of our town. We inhabit, explore, map and activate the place through artist driven projects. Huntly’s small town context, its 18th Century streets and the surrounding Aberdeenshire countryside offer an abundance of possibilities to work with. We have engaged with local people and their clubs, choirs, shops, schools, churches, bars and discos here since 1995.


Our projects cover many different topics from employment to health, from ecology to architecture, from history to spirituality, from migration to being local. They bring people from all walks of life together and emerge as public gatherings, symposiums, forums, workshops, farmers markets, seasonal cafés, music events, street festivals, slow marathons, gardening sessions, ceilidhs, internet conferences or Friday lunches.


The artists that live and work with us come from all over the world. Some are local, some Scottish, others from different continents. They can be up-and-coming, young or older, of any ability or discipline. What they have in common is that they get involved in participative projects, often with a peaceful protest in mind. For this they work with a wide array of partners ranging from the local development trust, schools and businesses, to regional, national and international policy making, academic and government institutions.


Deveron Projects has built up a sizable archive of books, music, essays, films and other digital and physical records over the years. Our Town Collection forms part of this, with works by past resident artists displayed across shops, schools, the train station and many other places in and out the town. All of this is available to everyone and ensures that the projects, outputs and outcomes live on in the town and beyond. Visit our online project pages or come and see us.


Whatever happens on a small scale is always connected to a larger reality. Working in our hometown with artists from around the world connects our local communities with the international sphere.

Deveron Projects draws inspiration from Sir Patrick Geddes, the Aberdeenshire born father of town planning who viewed society as a bio-diverse interconnected system. By adopting his plural approach, we seek to respond to the many interests and needs of all age groups, cultures and demographics in our community.

Geddes’ model of PLACE / WORK / FOLK inspires how we look at our HOME and informs our project themes.


The 50/50 principle is our guideline for a socially engaged work practice, balancing artistic endeavour with everyday life. For example:


At Deveron Projects we often walk to bring people and places together, generating conversations and exchange. It also gives time and space to think through problems. The sharing of food is a great leveller. Having a meal together is one of the best conduits for friendship and the exchange of ideas.


Working around the festive and environmental calendar of the seasons gives us a year-round framework for events and other activities.


In keeping with the town is the venue, we – artists and art workers – live/work in the town. Being part of local life helps create a better understanding of the culture, its strengths, its problems and how they can be solved. This way the artist has a role like any other worker in the town

Visit us at our base in the Brander Building in Huntly’s town square.