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Deveron Projects

The Town Is The Venue
How can I meet the Deveron Projects team? How can I meet the Deveron Projects team?
Red Herring Cows at Tesco
Gayle Chong Kwan - Blind taste testing
Catriona McKay - Skimmerin performance in the wood
Roman Signer - Presents his work
John Muir Day Discussion at the Empty Shop
BBQ and Folk music session during the open house event
Garry Williams - Talking with the police
Minor Paths - Discussion
Eva Merz - Eva on the Roof

The Town Is The Venue

The town is the venue describes the framework in which we work. We are committed to the social wellbeing of our town and inhabit, explore, map and activate the place through artist driven projects. Huntly's small town context, 18th Century streets and surrounding Aberdeenshire countryside offers an abundance of possibilities to work with. Since 1995 we have engaged with local communities and their clubs, choirs, shops, schools, churches, bars and discos.


Deveron Projects draws inspiration from Sir Patrick Geddes, the Aberdeenshire-born “father of town planning” who viewed society as a bio-diverse interconnected system. By adopting his polymathic approach we respond to the many interests and needs of all age groups, subcultures and demographics in our community. We have adopted a worldview that whatever happens on a small scale is always connected to a larger reality. Working in our hometown with artists from around the world connects our local communities with the international sphere. 

Deveron Arts places local issues within the context of global perspectives, and inversely, situates national and international topics within the locality.  We focus on collaborative, socially engaged practices, bridging disciplines and sectors and exploring the relationship between artists and community. Our 50/50 approach frames our work through the relationships between local/global, community/artist, hospitality/criticality, inside/outside,...

Till now, the township of Huntly has operated as research site, studio, gallery and stage for the artists who come to live amongst the town residents, normally for a period of three months. 

More recently we have begun to incorporate the natural world through the development of the Walking Institute, which is nested within Deveron Arts. This gives us the opportunity to test and roll out our model in other places.

Each artist in residence offers an engaged and process-based project unique to Huntly, working with topical issues that affect both this location and the wider world, through a range of social, economic, environmental and political perspectives. The projects address specific groups of the community yet also resonate beyond our geographic boundaries.

Our Town Collection provides you with an opportunity to visit Huntly and see the works and memorabilia of our past artists, which are placed around the town.

Read what our Director, Claudia Zeiske has to say about Art, Community and Place.

Visit us at our base in the Brander Building in Huntly’s town square.