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Deveron Projects

The Town Is The Venue
Do you know what's happening next? Do you know what's happening next?
Red Herring Cows at Tesco
Gayle Chong Kwan - Blind taste testing
Catriona McKay - Skimmerin performance in the wood
Roman Signer - Presents his work
TITV Diagram
Act local
John Muir Day Discussion at the Empty Shop
BBQ and Folk music session during the open house event
Garry Williams - Talking with the police
Minor Paths - Discussion
Eva Merz - Eva on the Roof 1

The Town Is The Venue

The town is the venue describes the framework in which we work and contribute to the social wellbeing of our town. We inhabit, explore, map and activate the place through artist driven projects. Huntly’s small town context, its 18th Century streets and the surrounding Aberdeenshire countryside offer an abundance of possibilities to work with. We have engaged with local people and their clubs, choirs, shops, schools, churches, bars and discos here since 1995.