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The Town Is The Venue
What is the 50/50 Principle? What is the 50/50 Principle?
Jacqueline Donachie - Parade
Anthony Schrag - Welcome home sign
Xenson - Martyr's Day Performance Walk
Clare Qualmann - Perambulator Parade at ski centre
Huntly Page - Huntly Pipe Band
Huntly Page - Path-making with the Gordon Schools
Huntly Page - Colour walk with the CHW
Huntly Page - Apple pressing at the Farmers' Market
Huntly Page - Elephants come to Huntly
Huntly Page - Serenading swans
Huntly Page - Room to Roam sign
Huntly Page - Fiona Hislop visits Huntly
Huntly - Pride of Place caravan on Huntly square
The Caravan Gallery -Keep calm and come to Huntly
Home Page - Huntly Square - Room to Roam Festival
Huntly Page - Artcup Winners
Huntly Page - Birdseye Square
Huntly Page - Huntly in the Snow
Huntly Page - The Square
Huntly Page - Welcome to Huntly
Home Page - Room to Roam
Anthony Schrag - Healthy and Safe
Hamish Fulton - Leaving Huntly
Colonel - How Scottish are you?
Huntly page - The Brander Museum and Library
Huntly Page - A summer's day in Huntly
Ben Macfadyen - Pressing apples

The Town Is The Venue


There is a central square with a maze of little streets
leading off towards the open landscape beyond,
a big castle in the style of King George, and a plunging
river full of fish and stones and clear water.
Paul Shepheard

Why Huntly?
Deveron Projects is based in the North East of Scotland in the town of Huntly. The town's people, history and environment inspired Deveron Projects to begin and now continue to provide us with context for our work. 

Click here and have a nosy below to discover more about Huntly and it's surrounding area, including walking routes, where to eat, accommodation and lots more.


Where to Stay and How to get here
Click here for travel information and how to get to Huntly.

Check the Huntly weather.

Our town is about 4,500 people-strong and serves a rural hinterland with a similar amount of people. Life in Huntly circumnavigates a historic square in the centre, with approximately 175 clubs and societies, ice cream and a shortbread factories and various sporting facilities, including a swimming pool and a Nordic ski centre. Our town also features a library, a primary and secondary school, a cricket club, a football club, a golf course and no less than 11 licensed premises. Our town has a unique cultural tapestry that ranges from traditional skills and crafts, Scottish pipe and folk music, traditional and contemporary dancing, to us, Deveron Projects. 

After winning the Special Judge's Award in the Creative Place 2012 scheme, Huntly has been recognised as the most creative place in Scotland for its size in Creative Scotland's 2013 Creative Place Awards. This has allowed Deveron Projects and Huntly Development Trust to institute the Huntly Cultural Fund, designed specifically to support cultural activities by local organisations and individuals which are linked to the Year of Natural Scotland 2013 and the Year of Homecoming 2014. 38 Cultural Fund Winners were awarded funding from this.

Huntly nestles between the Banffshire farming land and the hilly moor, grouse and deer lands of the Cabrach and Speyside. Our local hill is the Clashmach, which you can climb in less than an hour. From the top you see north to the Moray Firth and south to the Cairngorms. River Deveron and Bogie are only 2 min away from the city center and make a wonderful walk in any season.

Room to Roam 
Our town motto is Room to Roam; a brand developed for Huntly by Jacques Coetzer, taking inspiration from the great Victorian writer George MacDonald.  It is an articulation of Huntly's setting and circumstance: our ordinary town provides us with plenty geographical and mental space in which to roam. 

There are numerous walks in and around Huntly, which reflect the Room to Roam philosophy. Either through our contemporary Town Collection located in shops, pubs and other venues around the town, or through various themed walks, including the George MacDonald Town Trail, the James Legge walk or the Ronald Center walk–further details of which are available from our office. Please see also the Walking Institute, Deveron Projects' walking appreciation initiative.

There are various places in and around Huntly to get fresh local produce. Huntly Farmers Market on the first Saturdays of the month are a good opportunity to stock up fresh seasonal goods from rapeseed oil, honey and jam to vegetables, bread and meat - all sourced and made locally. If you are staying in Huntly for longer then you can order a veg box from Glenview Garden at the Farmers Market, which can be collected from the Deveron Projects office two weeks later. Tap o’ Noth Farm near Rhynie is an ecological permaculture kitchen garden. You can sign up to their veg box and also sign up for their pasture raised eggs. Huntly folk love fresh, free range eggs. You can buy them from Katy's Eggs at the Farmers Market,  the local Costcutter or go on a wee wander to a local farmhouse right behind Castle Hotel. Here there is an honesty box, but you need to be quick not to miss the days batch! You can also befriend locals and get eggs from their chickens. You can buy meat from Forbes Raeburn the local award winning butchers, and buy fish every Wednesday on the square sold from a van. The local area is, also, very good for foraging walks. Depending on a season you can get wild sorrels, elderflowers/berries, nettles, rosehip and much more.

Other Huntlys
Our town in Scotland Latitude 57.44 / Longitude 2.78, and its diaspora, have inspired other Huntlys across the world in the US, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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