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Deveron Projects

The Walking Institute
Where might we be? Where might we be?

Activities & Path-Making

Main focus of Deveron Projects' Walking Institute is to develop a diverse programme of activities that combine art with walking and walking with art.

It brings artists together with others through all forms of walking practices, including a year-round programme of actions that touch on political and ethical issues, seasonal approaches, path-making initiatives, community and place-making activities. These contain community events, short and long-distance walks, walking research residencies and commissions with the purpose of addressing themes related to tourism and economic development, health and social cohesion and environment and ecology through active walking initiatives.

This takes place in and around Huntly, but radiating out to wider Scotland with a view of becoming a programme with international dimensions.


Hielan' Ways

The rediscovery of trading routes connecting the Aberdeenshire heartland with Cairngorm Highlands


Symphony Way

A symphony by fiddler Paul Anderson inspired by the Hielan' Ways circuit


Lines Lost

A project tracing the routes of branch lines that were cut following the Beeching Report in 1963


UK Border Walk

A walk along the Scottish/English border to highlight restrictive visa policies for overseas artists



Walking and talking opportunities for artists from across Scotland in remote hill locations