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Deveron Projects

The Walking Institute
Why don't we have a gallery? Why don't we have a gallery?

Environment & Ecology

Artists have always worked with landscape and environment, but through the Walking Institute the possibilities for facilitating action and experience of place are widening in scope. The Walking Institute investigates how we can appreciate and understand environment and place in different ways through both thought and action and how we respond to the landscape and expand our understandings care of its ecology.

The Walking Institute engages in the discussion around environment and ecology through active engagement in walking. It does this by working with artists and other specialists like ecologists, botanists, foresters, community planners, who explore both rural and urban contexts and the appreciation of our environments. The programme focuses on how various creations; both ephemeral and of a more solid nature, can explore site, community and participatory action specific to place and its people.

This is be done, by working with locality from local and global perspectives to initiate dialogue, controversy, awareness and knowledge.