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Deveron Projects

The Walking Institute
What is the 50/50 Principle? What is the 50/50 Principle?

Politics & Ethics

For centuries people have employed walking actions as a form of collective protest or political action. From the Suffragette walks, to the more recent, Hamish Fulton's Slowalk (2011, in support of Ai Weiwei); walking can be a peaceful and powerful form of expression. 

The Walking Institute relates to larger questions that extend to international perspectives including debate around the right to walk, crossing political and physical boundaries, cultural relationships to walking, including the fear of walking and geographical restrictions. It also continues to highlight current dialogues around themes of access that effect both artists and communities across the globe. Such as in 2011, when Deveron Projects organised the UK Border Walk, a 77 km walk and discussion about the detrimental effects of the new points based visa regulations for overseas artists.