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Deveron Projects

The Walking Institute
What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

Season & Time

Since early times, people have responded to seasonal changes and calendars through making artefacts and celebrations. We use the four seasons, their weather systems and the cultural calendar to establish a timeline for projects and to curate events around seasonal changes. We want to celebrate the uniqueness of each season and what it can offer as a reference point for artists to respond to.

This includes:

  • Weather and physical aspects of our seasons: for instance paying attention to notions of dark/light through events like equinox walks and star gazing strolls; winter walking activities making use of snow conditions; summer walks making use of long daylight hours.
  • Cultural local and international calendar: the programming will also link with other traditional events and celebrations such as Solstice, Burns Night, Halloween and the local Huntly Calendar of events, as well as universal celebrations like Easter, Christmas, International Womens day