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NiS+TS (Narratives in Space+Time Society)

NiS+TS (Narratives in Space+Time Society) is an interdisciplinary creative research group working on projects involving mobile media and walking. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the group’s projects are sited in spaces that are often overlooked, disused or vacant. Participants use walking, mobile media (such as GPS, smartphones and mobility tracking devices), in combination with other modes (such as storytelling and making objects) in psychogeographic, interactive explorations of locations and subjects. NiS+TS is currently carrying out a three year series of events entitled “Walking the Debris Field: Public Geographies of the Halifax Explosion”, in neighbourhoods affected by the December 6, 1917 explosion of a WWI munitions ship in Halifax Harbour.

This image is from a December 6, 2014 public walk in the Richmond neighbourhood of Halifax, Nova Scotia, several hundred metres from ground zero where a French munitions ship, the Mont Blanc, exploded on the morning of December 6, 1917. Over 2000 people were killed instantly, and hundreds more injured. The Acadia Sugar Refinery was located next to the explosion site, and many workers perished. In this photograph, an architectural model of the refinery is ablaze.