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The Walking Institute
What is the 50/50 Principle? What is the 50/50 Principle?

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Interesting things we've found about walking

Alex Kershaw

This project explores the ways that we tread our paths through the countryside and aims to encourage people to walk whilst paying attention to their immediate surroundings, in particular to look more carefully at the surface which they are walking on, and to notice details that they may have otherwise missed. This will be facilitated by lending out some footwear which would be usually deemed inappropriate to take walks in…such as silk ballet pumps and glittering heels. Wearing these shoes will slow the walker down, make them consider their next step more carefully, and hopefully draw their attention to something they might not have noticed. The walker will take place in their own private performance -their own personal journey through their chosen space, adjusting and modifying movement to navigate their paths.In essence, I am creating an experience for the participants, and the vehicles which I am providing are the shoes.

For my other works to do with walking, poetry art and nature, please visit my blog The Eco Flaneur at