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Where do our artists come from? Where do our artists come from?

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Ali Pretty

Ali is an artist who has a passion for connecting people and generating dialogue through her work. For the last 25 years she has been inspired by the art form of carnival, and has designed carnival bands and outdoor performances. She is known particularly for her textile work on silk on a very large-scale.

In 2010, Ali took up walking, became a member of the LDWA, and rediscovered her love for the English landscape and the conversations she has on the way.

Ali is now inspired to take a new direction and is devising interactive projects that are more closely connected to the landscape. She is creating a series of participatory walks as a starting point for engaging and connecting communities and for inspiring the creation of new work, which may take many forms -- digital photography, storytelling and writing, digital design, print and illustration, site-specific installations as well as workshops and performances en route.

Walking Wiltshire's White Horses with the Agneas International Salisbury festival is the first of a series of 100 mile walks that Ali will devise and lead over the next five years.