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Anne Murray & Jake Williams -From Source to Sea

Inspired by history, music, landscape and people who have lived or worked on the River Deveron, the artists Anne Murray and Jake Williams, will each use the experience to create new work and engage with the communities they meet on the walk.

Against the Flow, Anne Murray, a local ceramic artists now based in Huntly, will be travelling the river from the sea, Banff to Huntly, and then later, Huntly to Cabrach.

With the Flow, musician Jake Williams walked from the river source at the watershed between Glenbuchat and the Cabrach.

From the journey Williams will produce digital sound recordings of the songs that belong to the Deveron Valley, recorded on location. Murray will walk the route slowly in very small sections, mapping, illustrating and researching. She will gather found objects, collect soil samples and capture images on the way as well as producing small crafted objects while she's out walking. These objects will be left in the landscape for other walkers to find, remove and relocate into another landscape.

The artists' work will also help Deveron Projects to map a walk along the length of the river, connecting with routes already established which will eventually be promoted for others to walk.

The project is part of Deveron Art's new Walks of Life programme, a walking appreciation project which brings walking activities together with arts and other cultural disciplines. The programme includes art residences, an activity programme and the development of new walks in the area.

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