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What have walking and food got to do with art? What have walking and food got to do with art?

Walking And...

Interesting things we've found about walking

Barbara Lounder

In the Summer of 2014, Canadian artist Barbara Lounder made a piece entitled Carrier as part of a group walking art residency called Pictou Island Portage. Barbara carved a wooden yoke and wore it every day while walking on the island, carrying all her supplies, materials and water suspended from it, in an effort to explore walking in relation to the histories of human labour. This experience was a contrast to many of our popular representations of walking, which position it as an activity of reverie and leisure. Carrier was an artistic exercise in balance on a number of levels.

Barbara says: "I often think about a statement by Rebecca Solnit, from the first chapter of Wanderlust: “walking shares with making and working that crucial element of engagement of the body and the mind with the world, of knowing the world through the body and the body through the world.”"