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What is a Shadow Curator? What is a Shadow Curator?

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Interesting things we've found about walking

Day and Night- Chantel Akerman

Chantel Akerman Night and Day 1991

"There is a film history, as yet unwritten, of walking...." "...perhaps the cinema's greatest poet of the act of walking is Belgian-born Chantal Akerman. Her characters cover the gamut of all possible variations on this gesture. They march in straight lines and wander in circles. Their humble two-steps, in the right, artificial context, can become performance art, or song-and-dance. Sometimes they are like the celebrated flaneurs who found the hidden wonders tucked away in the coves and corners of the everyday; at other times they drudge along like automatons, at the bidding of their daily grind; occasionally they are accompanied by tension, even menace."

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Unspoken Cinema   Interview with Chantel Akerman