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What is ARTocracy about? What is ARTocracy about?

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Disability Design: Walking as Art

"...The artists, makers and designers involved in adorn, equip have come to see disabled people as personalities and tried to serve them in a way which creates not just comfort but the thrill of ownership, fun and status. What’s new for the 21st Century is the acknowledgment of feelings – of fear and challenge, insecurity and isolation – which can be addressed with accessories and aids which are desirable and worth showing off. Their solutions might not fit in every household – but that’s part of the point. What they offer is an answer which suits individuals with specific combinations of need, choice, want and taste – because, guess what? All of these consumer desires exist in every disabled person who wants to adorn or equip themselves. "

(Image: Annie Delin)

An interesting article surrounding disability and design.

The article focuses on sculptures, designs and models which have been created for those with impairments. These designs are shaped around disability; either towards the concept of 'disability'  or as a non-functional/functional mobility aid.

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