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Hamish Fulton -Communal Walks in Penzance

Hamish Fulton Communal Walks in Penzance

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2013

“I am what I call a ‘walking artist’… Walking is an art form in its own right. I place emphasis on the experience of walking.

Hamish Fulton

We have had a great response to our call for walkers to join the communal walks in Penzance to mark 40 years of Hamish Fulton’s practice as a walking artist. The walks will be devised and led by Hamish Fulton and are organised in association with The Cornwall Workshop and in partnership with Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange.

The walks are open to all, and we warmly welcome all who would like to participate. This Newsletter explains what is required of walkers, and where and when to meet. To help us estimate numbers, we ask you to register via Eventbrite for the walk(s) you would like to join. We welcome as many walkers as can join us, so you can encourage friends to register right up to the day of the walk.