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What is a Shadow Curator? What is a Shadow Curator?

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Hilary Ramsden

The Artist has been exploring the phenomenon of walking since 1999 when they moved to Detroit, the Motor City.  The planners had scarcely made provision for pedestrians but they discovered a vast network of 'desire lines' which residents have created by simply walking where they want to go.

Since then  Ramsden's practice has been exploring this idea of 'making paths where we want to go'.  In 2006 in Detroit, Ramsden's company, Walk & Squawk, produced a festival, a culmination of the Walking Project an interdisciplinary performance, mapping and cultural-exchange project, collaboratively developed with U.S. and South Africa-based community groups and artists during a series of residencies over 3 years, in Detroit and KwaZulu-Natal.  The residencies involved performances, installations, scholarly talks, walkshops with people ranging from primary school children to university students to local residents in their neighbourhoods and intergenerational jam sessions.

"Everyone I talk to has a story about walking - whether it's about where they like to walk, what they dislike about a particular walk, where paths used to be, or where they used to walk when they were kids...we actually take more notice of  our environment than we think..."