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Rudy Owens has a professional background in journalism (MA from UNC-CH), public affairs (more than 10 years working at the state and international level), and public health (receiving an MPH from the University of Washington, June 2012). He currently works in the field of public health. His web site features numerous photo essays on topics ranging from human rights to life in contemporary Greenland. His much longer-running web site will soon focus on promoting professional communications and media services related to health and public health.

Owens has traveled on six continents and to more than 30 countries, and lived six years in Alaska, where he worked for the Consulate of Canada, Anchorage. His have been published in numerous media outlets and publishing houses, most recently the University of Texas at Dallas. When he is not working, Owens can be found running the trails in Seattle’s world-class public parks and skate skiing during winter months on groomed trails in Washington state.