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London - Patrick Keiller

Patrick Keiller's London (1994) offers a phychogeographic tour of the capital in 1992. The film sits somewhere between documentary and fiction, employing unseen characters: Robinson, and the unamed narrator who recounts thier travels and observations of the city.

The film is structured as a series of derive-like excursions that navigate their way through social history, politics, terrorism, and historical literary figures. Visually, London presents a series of shots using static cameras, like a collection of moving postcards. Paul Schofield provides the voice of the narrator.

Danny Birchall offers the following synopsis: 'A fin-de-siècle personal portrait of London shot over a period of twelve months, which saw the election of John Major as prime minister, renewed IRA bombings, the 'Black Wednesday' European monetary crisis and the "fall of the house of Windsor" 

Review at BFI Screen Online