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Masahito Yoshida

EDMONTON - Many of us complain about the daily grind, but Masahito Yoshida did something about it.

“When I was in Japan, the same every day. I wake up, I work, I ate. The next day, the same. I wake up, I work, I ate. I was hoping to change my life, so I walk,” he said.

And walk he has, 20,000 kilometres to date. He found himself in Edmonton Monday and is on his way today to The Rockies.

Yoshida, 30, has walked across four continents, pulling a rickshaw that contains only the essentials — a rain jacket, tent, camera, laptop, clothes, and some food. He started in Shanghai, China in January 2009.

He has walked across Asia, Europe and parts of the United States and Canada.

He eats mainly rice or pasta prepared on a cooking stove. Most nights, he sleeps in his tent on grassy areas near the side of the road. When necessary, he stays in hostels or motels. Sometimes, friendly locals offer up a couch or spare bedroom for a night. “It is interesting for me to meet local people. Sometimes local people ask why I don’t take (a bus) and I answer, ‘I’m walking so I can visit this town, so I can meet you,’” Yoshida said Monday.

You can follow Yoshida’s trip on his travel blog

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