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Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

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Michael Höpfner

A 14 day circuit around Huntly of 30 miles.

Michael Höpfner comes from Vienna and visited us in autumn 2012.

Michael spent 14 days walking a 30 mile circuit around Huntly, looking to reconstruct the geography of our landscape. He set off with a group of 20 walkers starting at the Tin Hut in Gartly and was joined throughout his walk by local walkers along the way. Michael braved rain, wind and snow along the way and also some sunshine. His route took him from the Tin Hut in Gartly via the Clashmach, Drumdelgie, the Ashgrove Filling Station, Cairnie, Rothiemay, Kinnoir, Drumblade (with frequent visits to the school) back to Gartly.

At the end of his journey presented his thoughts and some imagery from along the way at a talk in the Huntly Hotel. He was joined by Professor Tim Ingold who presented a talk on the history of walking and many of the people that met him en route.

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