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Where do our artists come from? Where do our artists come from?

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Robert Macfarlane

A fellow of Emmanuelle College, Cambridge, Robert Macfarlane is the author of 'a loose trilogy' of books on wild places:  Mountains of the Mind, which won a host of awards including The Guardian First Book Award and The Somerset Maugham Award, and was then made for TV; The Wild Places; and most recently The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot.

From the dust jacket of The Old Ways:

'Robert Macfarlane sets off from his Cambridge home to travel the ancient tracks, holloways, drove-roads and sea paths that form part of a vast network of old routes criss-crossing the British landscape and its waters, and connecting them to the continents beyond. The result is an immersive, enthralling exploration of the ghosts and voices that haunt ancient paths, of the stories our tracks tell, of pilgrimage and ritual, trespass and transgress, of songlines and their singers, of border-crossings and landscape portals, and of walking as a reconnoitre inwards [...] He discovers, above all, that paths offer not just a means of traversing space, but also ways of feeling, being, knowing and thinking'