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rwethereyet? is about two people who are passionate about what they do. It is about committing to something and seeing it through and it is about marching for causes and home.

For a number of years now Ajamu and Jane, who both live in Brixton, have walked around Brockwell Park planning, sharing, challenging, learning and laughing. Ajamu is a fine art photographer, and co-founder ofrukus! Federation Black LGBT arts charity and Jane is CEO at LGBT charity Kairos in Soho. In December 2011, Ajamu had a great idea. He decided that if he achieved confirmation of his exhibition, Fierce he would walk all the way home to Huddersfield and hand an invitation to his mum personally. Jane said ‘we can do that’, 240 miles, 19 days, 20 miles a day – it’s do-able’. Nobody knows whose fault it really was now, but so an arduous training and planning schedule began.

On 27 August 2012, Ajamu and Jane set off from Black Cultural Archives, Brixton for Huddersfield Art Gallery, walking every three days, resting one, for 19 days, arriving on Saturday 15 September 2012. With a team of friends and supporters, and VW camper, Daisy, they  walked a total of around 240 miles, connecting with BME/LGBT groups and sites of heritage along the way.