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Where do our artists come from? Where do our artists come from?

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Simone Kenyon -In the Footsteps of Nan Shepherd

London based walking artst Simone Kenyon will be exploring the former trading routes of the Hielan' Way during autumn and winter 2013-14. Simone is a performer, artist and producer working within a variety of contexts between experimental dance, theatre and work that explores walking and environments.

The Hielan' Way was once the local name for the routes that connected the market town of Huntly over the Clashmach to remoter districts in the hill country to the west. It was a vital link for those who lived along its way, enabling the flow of people, goods and livestock along the tracks between the "Capital of Strathbogie" and communities in the Upper Deveron, the glens of Strathdon, the tributaries of the Spey and beyond. Its distances were covered at walking pace.

Simone proposes to create a new map that will bring the Hielan Way path back into the foreground. It will explore both the individual and collective experiences of this long distance route, through our experiences of today and of yesteryears.

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