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What's happening right now at Deveron Projects? What's happening right now at Deveron Projects?

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The Ecology of Footpaths: Walking into Contemporary Art

Weekend workshop with artist Bram Arnold

Sat 2 Nov & Sun 3 Nov 2013 10am-4pm (Chancellors' Building 3.1)

This two day workshop explores through performance lecture, reading, walking and discussion, the Romantics in the deep history of walking's presence in literature and reconsiders the work of key conceptual artists that bears a distinctive relationship to the notions within the Romantic period. The two days will conclude with the screening of a recent film by Bram that has been presented at Juraplatz Gallery in Switzerland, and the distribution of a text in relation to this piece.

Two short readings will be given, before the session is led out into the field where a workshop will focus on slow-walking and the role of memory in place making. Extracts from J. A. Bakers' seminalThe Peregrine and Thomas A. Clark's In Praise of Walking will be used as key points in this contemplative workshop on and in the landscape. Participants will be given an envelope containing a homework assignment after the first day - a simple instruction to walk in a particular way or a particular place.