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The Walking Institute
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The Walking Institute

A programme about the human pace.

The Walking Institute is a walking appreciation initiative to explore, research and celebrate the human pace for and with people from all walks of life.

Its key ambitions are to develop a walking appreciation programme by bringing walking activities together with arts and other cultural disciplines and people from all walks of life. Our principle is: 'all walking is great'. Therefore we will endeavour to encompass as much variety in the programme as we can for both potential and seasoned walkers, reaching out to the walking arts network, the outdoor experts, dog walkers, travel writers, people who may find walking activities challenging and many other individuals and groups.

The Walking Institute's key aims are:

Research & Mapping: to research and map the concepts, philosophies and notions surrounding walking and linking them to the walking & art discourse.

Activities & Path-Making: to identify and develop walking activities and new paths & trails which connect to the broadening networks and dialogues across the globe.

To do this, it will address opportunities in relation to health, environment and rural development in Huntly and further afield through walking art and related disciplines, for example geography, architecture and history. The cross cutting themes of Politics  & Ethics, Community & Place and Seasons& Time will inform the programme and selection of artists.

The Walking Institute