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How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

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Vanessa Grasse

Vanessa is a dance and multidisciplinary artist from Sicily now based in Leeds, UK.

Her projects involve cross art-form collaboration, improvisation and site-specific performance.

Works include:

Momentary Distractions

The Installation Walk was part of Momentary Distractions – three works commissioned by the University of Leeds to Vanessa Grasse, Daliah Toure and Kathinka Walter  as part of DownTownDance project and in collaboration with Yorkshire Dance.

The walk is an active and physical experience of the urban choreography, soundscape and rhythm of a particular area of Leeds city centre. It explores pedestrian and urban movement and way to perceive and connect with the urban environment in an embodied and unconventional way; how to capture a sense of choreography and rhythm of the city and how different places make people feel and move.

Routes is a project commissioned by Dance4 to engage local people from Belgrave and Braunstone communities in Leicester to create outdoor installation walks, encourage outdoor walking and explore the local areas through creative processes.