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What is the 50/50 Principle? What is the 50/50 Principle?

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Viv Corringham

Ongoing project: Shadow-walks. Most recent events in Florence 2012, Hong Kong 2013.

In the Shadow-walks project I go to places and ask local people to take me on walks that are special for them in some way. I record our conversations as we walk together. Later I retrace the person's walk on my own and attempt to “sing the walk” through vocal improvisations. These recordings are edited together to make the final sound piece. I also collect any objects I find on the person’s route.

You can listen to three Shadow-walks on this website- one in Portugal called Maresia and two in London: Slack Tide and Disegno. These sound-works are presented as radio pieces, recordings or sound-walks that others can do. Sometimes I make them into installations, often with the found objects displayed in various ways. You can see and hear a piece I made in Kingston, NY, USA:Shadow-walks: Kingston. It was presented with the objects suspended around the viewing area and a video made from images of the found objects, so there might be a nice combination of a giant image on the screen and the real, often very small, object hanging nearby.

You can find information and images of Shadow-walks on my Recent Work page.

The process is in three parts:

An initial residency of about 10 to 15 days. Several weeks editing and creating the work in my studio. Returning to present the finished work in the place where the walks occurred.

Shadow-walks residencies have occurred in these places:

UK: London USA: Brooklyn NY; Manhattan NY; Kingston NY; San Francisco CA; Fullerton CA; Grand Marais MN; Minneapolis MN; Rochester MN; Chicago IL Ireland : Cobh; CorkTurkey: Istanbul Portugal: Porto Canada: Toronto Italy: Florence


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