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The conference series Walk21 was initiated in 2000. Its objective is to promote the development towards healthy, sustainable and efficient communities in which people choose walking as a basic means of transport. Walk21 connects important professionals and fosters active exchange in order to increase the acceptance of walking requirements and establish them as an important aspect of public planning.

The first Walk21 conference took place in London in 2000. Among the hosts have since also been Barcelona, Copenhagen, Zurich, Melbourne, New York, Vancouver and Mexico City. Munich is the first German city to host a Walk21 conference.

From 11-13 September 2013, 520 participants from 43 countries exchanged views and ideas at the successful XIV International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities in Munich, Germany. Walk21 is now moving on to Sydney, Australia, where the conference will take place next year. The impulses of Walk21 Munich are meanwhile spreading into the city and all around the world, igniting change for more pedestrian friendly communities.