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Interesting things we've found about walking

Ways of Walking: Tim Ingold and Jo Lee Vergunst

Ways of Walking: Ethnography and Practice on Foot (Anthropological Studies of Creativity and Perception)

"Despite its importance to how humans inhabit their environments, walking has rarely received the attention of ethnographers. "Ways of Walking" combines discussions of embodiment, place and materiality to address this significant and largely ignored 'technique of the body'. This book presents studies of walking in a range of regional and cultural contexts, exploring the diversity of ways of walking and the variety of meanings it can embody.As an original collection of ethnographic work that is both coherent in design and imaginative in scope, this primarily anthropological book includes contributions from geographers, sociologists and specialists in education and architecture, offering insights into human movement, landscape and social life. With its interdisciplinary nature and truly international appeal, "Ways of Walking" will be of interest to scholars across a range of social sciences, as well as to policy makers on both local and national levels."