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The Town Is The Venue
Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?
Castle+gift shop
Castle+gift shop 2
Ross Sinclair tc venue
Ross Sinclair tc close up

The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Ross Sinclair

A Gordon For Me, 2011

Gift Shop, Huntly Castle

Painted t-shirt

The story of the Gordon family in Huntly is 500 years of drama, intrigue, ransacking, militaria and (dis)loyalty to the Kings and Queens of the day. Famous for his ‘Real Life’ trademark, resident artist Ross Sinclair responded to this legacy. All the Real Life Gordons in Huntly, an event where all the living Gordons in the town were invited to a lunch and a Real Life Portable Museum tour of Gordon history, were both undertaken in and around the castle.

Find this artwork at Huntly Castle Gift Shop: