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The Town Is The Venue
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Alec Finlay_TC_MountainDrawings3
Alec Finlay_TC_MountainDrawings

The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Alec Finlay

Mountain Drawings, 2011

Coynachie Guest House, Gartly
Access to this item may be restricted, contact us for details.

Print on paper

The Scottish landscape is embedded with place-names, many printed on maps, many more held in people's memories. Many of these names derive from colours and describe a colourful world. This lexicon bears the influence of Norse, Gaelic, Pictish, and Scots, as well as English, sometimes reflecting conflict or incomprehension between these cultures. Some names are poetic, others ironic, but they invariably refer to reality, and can be traced back to elements of the landscape.

Finlay produced twelve ‘word mountains’, looking at the names of hills and mountains local to Huntly and our surrounding landscape, four of which are on display here.

A zine of the full twelve 'word mountains' is available to purchase from Deveron Projects office shop directly.

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Find this artwork at Coynachie Guest House, Gartly. Access to this item may be restricted, contact us for details.: