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The Town Is The Venue
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The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Kenny Hunter

Where In? Where At?, 2005

Brander Building, The Square

Fibre glass, mirror

Hunter was commissioned to produce a memorial sculpture and public monument to Huntly-born writer George MacDonald (1828-1905), to mark the centenary of his death. MacDonald is an influential Victorian writer and preacher with a strong literary legacy. 

Among his works is ‘Lilith’, the dark story of Mr. Vane, the owner of a library haunted by the raven-like spectre of its former custodian. Mr Vane follows the raven through a mirror into a parallel universe. Kenny Hunter focuses these connections by way of this life-size fibreglass sculpture in the entranceway of Huntly's library.

Inspried by plastic toys, Hunter's works have a manufactured quality to them, despite being wholly handmade. This particular work is made using fibreglass, in his signature monochromatic, monumental style. 

Find this artwork at Brander Building: