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The Town Is The Venue
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The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Gill Russell

Lorg-coise, 2014

Nordic Ski Centre


‘lorg-coise’: Gaelic for footprint, literally means ‘a finding of foot’.

Gill Russell is an artist interested in places of 'significance’ (mythological, geographical, poetic, historical, cosmic, sonic, technological, ancient) and how they resonate in the landscape. This print is one of a series of map drawings and texts created from explorations focusing on watercourses.

This walk, ‘a walk by myself, and again with Ron’ (29 July, 18 September 2014) started at Aldivalloch, continuing by way of: Allt na Craoibhe-caorainn (Rowan Burn) and Allt na Craoibhe-cuilinn (Holly Burn).


Find this artwork at Nordic Ski Centre: